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Store Survival Seeds

Storing survival garden seeds… along with growing an emergency garden, is of up-most importance for emergency preparedness or a food shortage crisis. As the value of money decreases, the value of food and vegetable seeds will increase along with basic commodities and precious metals. Vegetable seeds are a major food-source, and should be considered one of the Continue Reading

Ways to Purify Water

There are several easy and effective ways to purify water for emergency preparedness, outdoor survival, camping, and travel. These water purification methods, portable filters, or chemical additives, are not only used for emergency situations and remote areas… but they can also be used to treat safe municipal water by removing chlorine, bad taste, heavy metals, Continue Reading

Backup Generators

Portable or Standby, which backup generator should you choose? It’s important to know what type and size of emergency generator you need before a major power outage occurs. Being informed and equipped with a personal generator will allow you to have some control over your access to electricity when a crisis or disaster happens. Portable Continue Reading